Perfect for Day Tripping and Sunset Cruises

The Patriot 29

Patriot 29

The Patriot 29 is our most refined – and most popular model yet. We can customize the boat with as much – or as little teak – as you would like. Traditionally we outfit the boat with varnished teak caps, toerails, bowsprit, handrails and our signature MathewsBros eyebrow. We’ve installed teak windshields, ceiling strips, and cockpit floors (unvarnished of course). We’ve also taken all of the teak off of the boat and substituted painted frp parts in their place for lower maintenance. So whatever the look you desire, we can make it happen.

The Patriot design evolved from our Blackwater model, for those who wanted more of a day boat to take them to waterside restaurants, destinations and sunset cruises. The Patriot is the next step in the evolution with shallower draft, more maneuverability and faster speeds.

​Evolve with us, and have the next new boat built to your specifications.

Standard Items

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Patriot 29' Base Price $440,000
* Price subject to change

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