Our MathewsBros 18 is a quick sport boat that is a highly stable platform for fishing, crabbing, duck hunting or relaxing on the  water.
The design for our sturdy boat comes from a wooden crabbing skiff that knocked around the Eastern Shore for several decades. After it became part of the Mathews family, it was found to be nearly ideal for everything from
running a trot line to water skiing.

MathewsBros 18

Today, the MathewsBros 18 is built like no other in it's class. With custom hull colors at no extra cost, sleek lines that incorporate highly durable construction techniques, excellent handling characteristics, and several options.
In terms of power, maximum suggested power is 60hp. We would be pleased to work with you to help you select an outboard that will best fit your needs. The base price does not include funds for an outboard motor.

Standard Items

Base Price: $56,000*