Travel the Bay’s Rivers and Tributaries in and Elegant Mini Yacht

Classic Bay Cruiser 22'

“An Elegant Mini-Yacht”... is what the MathewsBros Classic Bay Cruiser 22 has been dubbed. This boat is perfect for traveling in style on day trips along the Chesapeake Bay’s coves, creeks and rivers. Built on a proven Lempke deadrise workboat hull, the Bay Cruiser has a distinctive “built for the bay” character; it provides the classic look of a larger yacht finish boat, but the ease of handling a smaller craft can offer.

"I love my Mathews 22 because it has elegant lines (important to former sailors), an always reliable diesel engine, and because Mathews takes care of it in the winter. It always comes back fully checked out and ready to go."
Peggy Tomlinson
Bozman, MD

Standard Items

Bay Cruiser 22’ Outboard Base Price $179,400 (without engine)
Please contact for engine options/pricing
Bay Cruiser 22’ Base Price $265,200 (inboard engine)
*Prices Subject to Change

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